starting the year right

I spent the last night of the old year and the first morning of the new year with the family in Bulacan, then back to work. After work, I spent the first night of the new year with Jaykie’s family. Extended, as it was – when we arrived there were uncles and family friends, and cousins whose names Jaykie couldn’t even remember. Haha. Well. Food, and then a game of – wait for it – Pinoy Henyo. More like Reverse Pinoy Henyo. A category is stuck on the person’s forehead, other person gives details regarding the category, person tries to guess. That sort of thing.

We won, HEY!

(I was the one with the thing stuck on my forehead.)

Jake: Cereals.

Eliza: Breakfast? Fiber? Diet?

Jake: Crema de fruta.

Eliza: @_@ Er, dairy product?

Jake (to his sister): Bawal sabihin ‘yung actual word ‘no? (Sister says no.) Ayun. Cereal.

Eliza: @_@

Jake: Um, cereal? @_@

Eliza: Mga pagkaing nilalagyan ng gatas?

Everyone else: AHOOOOOOOOOOOOY. ^___^

* * *

His sister gave me brownies and cookies (Whee) and his mother handed me this bag before I left. (I still have work, see, so I can’t get smashed. Boo.)

ohaiiiii furffle!

Thank you, all. That was really fun. :)

* * *

In the e-mail, from Gig Book: “The ten winning stories are now in different stages of book production.”

So maybe, if everything goes well, I’ll have a book published this year?

Sweet. ♥

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