marvel 1602

Ooh, what endless inventions!

Neil Gaiman teleports Marvel’s best-known and well-loved characters to the dark London of the 16th Century. The court of Elizabeth I is amicable to magic, but the queen is old and sickly and has no heir. James of Scotland, who supports The Inquisitor in his torture of “witchbreeds”, may take the throne – and what will become of Carlos Javier’s students, then?

Meanwhile, the weather brings red skies and curious lightnings, and the good doctor Stephen Strange is sensing that England – and the world – is about to end.

I liked this one. Gaiman in his afterword said there were people who didn’t like it – and when these people didn’t like it, “they really didn’t like it” – but I had such a kick out of guessing which character corresponds to the, well let’s say modern-day, Marvel superhero. It wasn’t that hard, but it was such fun. For example, Scotius Somerisle? Any guesses?


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