big story sale

I got this lovely news in the mail today:

Dear Eliza Victoria:

We are delighted to accept your story “December” for a forthcoming issue of the print edition of Story Quarterly and, if possible, for Story Quarterly Online, the electronic edition of our print magazine, where work is reproduced as protected PDF files and in the form of audio (MP3) files.


J.T. Barbarese
Editor, Story Quarterly at Rutgers-Camden
Rutgers University
Department of English
Camden NJ 08102

If this works out, “December” will be my first pro sale. Story Quarterly has published the likes of “Margaret Atwood, Anne Beattie, Frederick Busch, Joyce Carol Oates, T.C. Boyle and Jhumpa Lahiri.”

Great crowd! I love it! :D

* * *

To all those who attended the event yesterday, thank you, and thank you also if you were among those who stopped in their tracks to talk to us lowly researchers. Heh. The article’s over here, m’lovelies. ♥

MANILA, Philippines—Some 80 questions were asked in the first-ever Philippine Daily Inquirer Presidential Debate held Monday at the University of the Philippines (UP) Theater in Diliman, Quezon City, but those who came wanted to ask more.

Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III should have been asked about Hacienda Luisita, “and why he has not done much as a senator,” said C, 54, a businesswoman.

Another, who decided to be anonymous, said: “Noynoy should have been asked about Hacienda Luisita. Up to now, no forum had personally asked him about this issue.”

But Elizabeth San Diego of Quezon City disagreed. “I have already read and heard a lot about the case of Hacienda Luisita so I did not want to hear more about it anymore,” she said.

Amer Amor, a professor at UP Baguio, said, “I expected that someone would ask former Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro about his links to President Arroyo.”

A 20-year-old student leader said he would have wanted to ask Sen. Manuel “Manny” Villar: “How much money does a candidate have to spend on political ads?”

Here’s an article about the forum itself, in case you failed to attend. Orayt. :)

16 thoughts on “big story sale”

  1. Hey, congratulations!!!! That is definitely a very cool crowd to be in! XD Rutgers-Camden once offered me a position in their MA program but I, er, kinda turned them down, but it’s awesome to know that they have a literary magazine like this! Congrats uli!!!

      1. Hm, well, it was a big decision with lots of factors involved. At that time, I had to decide between US or Australia, and eventually I went to Australia. XD At least I wasn’t being cliche.

        Yeah, isn’t SQ one of the biggies? Awesome score, man!

      2. Oh, I’m definitely happy with the decision. It was in Australia that I met certain people whose unflagging support made me think that it’s not so impossible for me to get published after all. ;-)

        (Sorry for flooding your comment thread. Madaldal kasi ako e. Will stop now.)

      3. Thanks Crystal and Eliza for the replies!

        @Crystal, Oxbridge or Australia or the US, looks to me that your talent was honed wherever you went :) Thrilled that Dr. Koo would mention me – after moving across three universities in Europe, I still think she’s my best teacher ever.

        @Eliza – sorry for meeting and greeting in your blog :) I’ll also stop now.

    1. Hi Crystal,
      Your mum was my teacher while I was doing my other graduate study (which I never got to finish). I was in touch with her a few years back and she mentioned that you were also considering Oxbridge but they don’t offer CW!

      1. Hi, Ms. Catherine Walder po? Yeah, my mom has told me about you before, and again when Ruin & Resolve came out. :-) Hehe, mga taga-UP unite! She said you went to Norway and the UK…what a life! Hehe, I think the Oxbridge bit was just a pipe dream phase for me, and has already passed (fortunately or unfortunately, either way. ;-))

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