early reviews for “Salot”

The story won’t advertise itself (it certainly won’t put on a glittery dress and a feather boa and strut its stuff for more readers) so I posted the Demons of the New Year link at the LJ comm ontdcreepy (it got the LJ spotlight some weeks back). Some of the members were kind enough to leave comments about my story:

of course, I had to sit here and read at least yours before starting the day. I loved this! I particularly loved how you ended it, and I won’t say anything more along those lines so as not to spoil it for anyone else. You’re an amazing writer! :-D (dark_sinestra)

Wow! Loved it…you really have a way with words. :) (chromachord)

I love your writing style! You’re certainly very talented. The story had a very dreamy, almost nightmarish tone, and you balanced the narrator’s skepticism and half-belief very well. Amazing. (rtuko)

Thanks, guys!

If you want to read my story, come on over. (Edit: I forgot to say – this story’s based on a personal experience Almi related to me one slow day at the office. I first encountered the “salot” imagery in an article about diseases during the American occupation. I believe it was by Gilda Cordero-Fernando, let me go check. I have used it in my story “Reunion”, which appeared in the Philippines Free Press, and in the prose poem “Dreams After the Storm”, which appeared in the Ruin/Resolve charity anthology.)

If you have an LJ account, you can add me. My LJ blog’s called blissery blogs.

Feel free to share the link to the e-anthology. Orayt! :D

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