me want earrings

I love earrings. Now you know what to get me for my birthday and/or Christmas! Or on any random day, really. :D (You can also get me some nice earring compartments or a cheap jewelry chest. Right now I store them all in an ice cream tin can from Yellow Cab. They all look rather sad in there.)

I bought these yesterday:

I love this pair!

I also bought a necklace for good measure.

In they all go to the tin can! Ha!

* * *

Right now I want some bracelets. And wide headbands with feathers (yeahhhh). And some rings. Big, chunky, clunky rings. I’ll look for those next. Any recos? Shops or personal stash or whatnot? :) They better be cheap. None of those 300-peso-a-bracelet nonsense.

And more earrings of course, for one can’t have too many earrings.

* * *

And there you go: another worthless blog post. :) I’ll stay offline for the rest of the week, writing and reading and making myself fat.(I’m about to finish one story, and I think I have one that needs editing. Hopefully a poem idea slaps me in the face soon so I can write one again. But fiction’s treating me fine, somehow, so it’s all right.)

Till then!

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