meet the parents

One Saturday I went home to Bulacan, and brought the boyfriend with me. Dun dun DUNNN.

Some notes:

1. FX ride from SM North Edsa to Malolos. Played this game to entertain ourselves: category, then give answers that belong to that category. Sample: Movies with Dustin Hoffman. “Rain Man.” “Sleepers.” “Uhh.”

2. Boy it was hot and crowded in Malolos.

3. Arrived at the home town after a jeepney ride. We were walking over to the municipal building when Jaykie suddenly pointed to the ground and said, “Tingnan mo o, si Villar lumalangoy sa dagat ng basura.”

4. Minimal flood, thank God.

5. Dinner was caldereta, which Jaykie liked a lot. Dessert was yema and my sister’s candy from Davao. We went upstairs, watched some 30 Rock, some TV, and Jaykie and my father sat on the terrace and drank beer. My father even told him anecdotes I didn’t even know about, like how my father at first didn’t want to man the store we own now. Gusto ko magtrabaho sa  munisipyo. Sabi ng inang ko, ano naman magiging trabaho mo dun? Alam mo ba kung magkano lang sweldo nila? Magaganda lang postura nila, pero wala silang pera.

6. Jaykie and my father got along pretty well. Marvelous. I can stop freaking out now.

7. My brothers just went, “Uy”, as boys were wont to do. Jaykie slept in my brothers’ room (he had the room to himself, as guest), and slept quite well.

8. It rained that night. Water outside the house swelled; the walkways disappeared under the flood. When we left we had to wear boots. Yikes.We dropped by the store, said hi to my father before going to the bus station. Inside the bus, we played a game where we guess what the radio station had in its playlist. Jaykie won by a point. (The station played Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak”. I called Roxette. How can this station not play a Roxette song, is what I want to know.)

9. About our house, Jaykie said, “I can imagine growing up there. It’s really nice.”

10. That weekend was ridiculously easy and fun. I shouldn’t have worried too much. Heh.

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