(re)gaming life

I’m no gamer. I don’t have the patience, or the required hand-eye coordination. The simplest challenges frustrate me: You mean I have to go to this room first and get this equipment before I can get that equipment to blast open that door – the hell with this, I’m reading a book. I’ve given up on Chrono Cross (too convoluted), Suikoden, Left4Dead (I can’t figure out how to pick up the guns, so I gave up before I could even shoot a zombie), and Resident Evil (too scary; there was one point during the game when a huge crowd of zombies burst through a door – in real life, I threw away my controller). My default gaming strategy, it appears, is that if I can’t get it right the first time, then it probably isn’t worth it. (I don’t apply this to real-life problems, like clothes shopping.)

Then I met my boyfriend, who’s a proud member of the Hobby Gamers’ Circle, a gaming organization based in UP Diliman, a group of like-minded individuals who’d probably throw me down a pit should they ever read this piece of blasphemy.

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4 thoughts on “(re)gaming life”

  1. I don’t understand why games have to have PLOT OMG. I mean, why can’t they just EAT PLANETS until the score gets to ONE MILLION, right?

    Right. Haha. I’ve never watched a DnD game, like, EVER. I think it’s too complicated pa rin, though I am kind of intrigued re these GM guys, COME ON, it’s like Read-Along but with dice? HAHA.

    Also, I hear you about scary video games. We had Silent Hill on Playstation ON MUTE, in the middle of the DAY, all the windows open and sun coming in, the living room SO BRIGHT and yet we were still terrified. Controller throwing is completely acceptable, btw.


      Read-Along with dice. This is precious, Kate. PRECIOUS. (I’ve watched a DnD game na si Jake ang GM ANGSAYAAAAA. Also, it’s not at all complicated to watch a game – it’s complicated to play it haha.)

      Also? I’ve seen the Silent Hill film. I don’t think I can ever play that game. :-s

      1. LOL post this there and be stoned to death OK NA AKO I HAVE A REPUTATION TO TAKE CARE OF, THANKS.

        ALSO! You should videotape a DnD game! Upload it on youtube! Parang ang hirap ng trabaho ng GM haha. LOL isuggest ko nga sa Read-Along na magkasession na may dice din maloka siguro ang mga bata.

        I’ve seen silent hill the movie too (or at least some 30 percent of it) at pirated pa haha but i still think the game’s actually creepier.

  2. kate: Dyos ko te ang isang DnD game runs at least four hours. At least. Kumusta ang memory card. XD At oo mahirap mag-GM. Magsusulat na lang ako nang matiwasay hahaha.

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