bohol, day 1

I remember Jme mentioning Bohol the very first time Jaykie introduced me to her and boyfriend Beej, and was I glad this trip pushed through. I had crazy fun, even though I’ve been there before.

Overnight at Jaykie’s

Jaykie lives near NAIA 3, so Jme, Phil, Beej and I stayed over Thursday so we could make the early Friday flight. Played Mario Kart on the Wii. Realized I sucked at Mario Kart. I also had some mango cream pie that I loved so much I wanted to marry it.

8: 30 Flight MLA – TAG

Last year my high school friends and I had an evening flight to Cebu, the first time I’ve seen the NAIA Terminal 3. I prefer the evening flight because 1) it’s insanely hot here in Metro Manila in the morning and 2) there are fewer people.

But we didn’t have to wait too long so it was fine. Met up with the group (minus Mark and Guiz, who took the ZestAir flight).

The Cebu Pacific flight wasn’t delayed! WHOA. I was seriously impressed. Flight was smooth, but I thought our landing in Tagbilaran was a bit rough.

We had our luggage loaded in a separate van, to be taken ahead of us to the Dumaluan Beach Resort.

Then the tour:

Baclayon Church

I seriously love this church. But there’s this rule

so our legs (and arms, if we’re wearing a sleeveless top) had to be covered. (I was wearing shorts.) With guys it’s okay. Ah, the Catholic Church never fails.


This picture made me laugh:

I was raised Catholic. I do believe a sense of humor and some laughter is necessary in this religion.

Church interior (just click to enlarge):

These paintings fascinate me.


According to our tour guide Mark, tarsiers take just  3-10 seconds to make love. Poor little things.

Chocolate Hills

Nice weather.

River Cruise

Buffet lunch! I’ve been on the cruise before so all I could think of was foooood.

The light on the water looked gorgeous.


We got to the resort at around 5 p.m. Fixed our stuff, took a shower, slathered sunblock on ourselves, and off to the white sands and the sapphire sea!

I got this dress from Jaykie’s sister. Thanks! :)

Fair warning about Dumaluan Beach Resort: the drinks and rice are expensive. There’s no service water, and there are corkage fees, and the nearest Jollibee is possibly a bajillion miles away, so you have no choice but to shell out some moolah. Food is good though, and the viands can feed two people, so if you’re with someone, just split the bill.

This shot was supposed to be candid. Candid, I tell you.

Bakit ka naggo-glow? Cheka.

Crispy pataaaaaaaaaa.

I like Jme’s shirt.

We walked along the beach for a bit. Stargazed. There were no clouds and the moon was very bright.

Excellent first day. Now to some indoor camwhorage

and sleep. Recharge!

(Some of the photos were taken by Jme and Christian.)

8 thoughts on “bohol, day 1”

  1. If this were on FB I would click the ‘like’ button too <3

    Panalo ang mga tapis sa church… ano yon, naka-ready para mahiram? (medyo funny yung concept at may isa pang adjective na hindi ko mai-express.)

      1. BTW, ang nagastos ko ay around less than 2000 lang kasama na transpo and food. Si Rowcee ay nag-subsidize ng 2200 for the room. Pero kumbaga. Kaunti lang din difference. :)

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