hair change!

First I was like

Then I was like

Then I was like

Then I was like

Then I was like

Then I was like

Then I (fell asleep, woke up, washed my hair, dried it using the electric fan) was like


* * *

The details: I’ve had my hair straightened thrice before (2007, 2008 and 2009), which left my hair really really dry, and now I want to try something new. I’ve always longed for them big, sexy curls (not the teeny-tiny curls, which tend to be frizzy), since my hair’s naturally wavy and some days it’s just impossible to tame the waves.

Last week, after months of putting it off, I finally set an appointment with Tony and Jackey (SM North Edsa Annex branch, 441-1374), and sat down for a digital perm on Thursday. I think (LOL I wasn’t even sure, I just paid) I was given the L’Oreal treatment at a discounted price (they still have a promo), inclusive of haircut, hair treatment, and hair manicure. The entire process took three hours. My stylist’s name is Jackey (not the Jackey in Tony and Jackey, though, heh), and he cuts hair really well. No shampoo for two days, though he said I could wash my hair the next day (Friday), but only with conditioner. (I have an office mate who was told not to wash her hair for three days! I don’t know, maybe the rules depend on the stylist or something.)

He gave tips on the proper way to dry curls, but me? I just sit down in front of a fan and read a book. Haha! (I do apply hair polish though – I’m not that barbaric.)

Happy perming! :)

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