On Saturday, Jaykie and I went to My Girlfriend is a DM‘s first-ever gaming event, Polyhedral!

Ahoy, d20 stamps!

The event was held at Ludos Bar and Restaurant in Quezon City. An entrance fee of P250 gives you two consumable drinks, a chance to play, a chance to win in the raffles (given away were dice sets, minis, and a Player’s Handbook) and free dice!

I GOT A D20 OMG. I played the boardgames so I didn’t really roll, but that made me feel lucky, hee. :)

More d20’s! Care of Jme:

Metal diiiice:

Jaykie’s loot:

I took Jaykie’s dice, traded with Phil and Juabe, and now I have a complete set!

Featured at the event are pen and paper role-playing games, and boardgames! I love boardgames!

We played Shadow Hunters while waiting for the organizers to arrive and for the registration to start:

Then registration started and the tables were set up for the games:

Beej ran a D&D Buan campaign. Here players dealt with tikbalang, manananggal, and tiyanak. A fantastic concept.


Star Wars

Downstairs, I played Shadows over Camelot:

The beauty of boardgames: you can learn the game, no matter how complicated, as you play. I love et! :D

After the RPG’s and the games folded up, the tables were set for a gladiator-style combat. Players fight to the death!

Jaykie played in the first round:

And won! With Patrick (also from HGC).


Loving the shirts:

The faces behind My Girlfriend is a DM – Jammi and Matthew:

Can’t wait for the next event. ;)

Read the organizers’ thoughts about Polyhedral here and here.

Some photos are from Jme.

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