rain, obama, victory

It rained on our way to UP on Friday. I was both scared and delighted: scared because it was actually starting to flood; delighted because I’d rather have rain than the scorching summer heat. Before heading to AS to hang out with the HGC boys, we passed by CASAA and had lunch. My meal cost 39 pesos, plus 12 pesos for turon with langka. Then Jaykie took me to “Antasbucks”, this coffee stall inside Antas. (Jaykie wants to call it “Frappe House”. We call dibs on that name.)


A frappe named Obama.

What in the world.

So of course Jaykie had to try it. (I ordered Black Forest.)

He said it was okay.

I spent several hours reading a book, perched on a step on the second floor of AS. Oh, my college life. At one point I took off my flip-flops. The floor was really cold, and a breeze was blowing through the corridor. Best thing ever.

I also noticed a poster announcing that DUP will re-stage Floy Quintos’s Shock Value (though this link says it’s a sequel?) and Isang Panaginip na Fili. I enjoyed those plays immensely. Will definitely watch again. (I also made Jaykie promise he’d come with, hehe.)

Then off to Makati to Whistlestop for the Polyhedral finale. Cute restaurant, found it without getting lost.

Food is good (just on the pricey side, but then they serve big dishes) and I dig the decor.

I see a typewriter, a coat/hat rack, and a lamppost in this picture:

Jaykie had to point out the centerpiece to me. Royal Tru-Orange! Clever!

Anyway, Guiz, Erwin, Patrick, and Jaykie are fighting each other for minis. My Girlfriend is a DM‘s Matthew Arcilla DMs.

And Jaykie emerged victorious! (LOL, Matthew I did not see that ending coming.)

* * *

Jaykie taught me a workout routine using weights that I could carry out on my own. He also lent me two two-pound weights. I would have taken the four-pound weights he offered, but I was afraid my bag straps would fail. Anyway, I tried the routine with him, and my abs hurt like hell. I enjoyed it. It was exactly the pain I needed.


On Saturday, Jaykie and I went to My Girlfriend is a DM‘s first-ever gaming event, Polyhedral!

Ahoy, d20 stamps!

The event was held at Ludos Bar and Restaurant in Quezon City. An entrance fee of P250 gives you two consumable drinks, a chance to play, a chance to win in the raffles (given away were dice sets, minis, and a Player’s Handbook) and free dice!

I GOT A D20 OMG. I played the boardgames so I didn’t really roll, but that made me feel lucky, hee. :)

More d20’s! Care of Jme:

Metal diiiice:

Jaykie’s loot:

I took Jaykie’s dice, traded with Phil and Juabe, and now I have a complete set!

Featured at the event are pen and paper role-playing games, and boardgames! I love boardgames!

We played Shadow Hunters while waiting for the organizers to arrive and for the registration to start:

Then registration started and the tables were set up for the games:

Beej ran a D&D Buan campaign. Here players dealt with tikbalang, manananggal, and tiyanak. A fantastic concept.


Star Wars

Downstairs, I played Shadows over Camelot:

The beauty of boardgames: you can learn the game, no matter how complicated, as you play. I love et! :D

After the RPG’s and the games folded up, the tables were set for a gladiator-style combat. Players fight to the death!

Jaykie played in the first round:

And won! With Patrick (also from HGC).


Loving the shirts:

The faces behind My Girlfriend is a DM – Jammi and Matthew:

Can’t wait for the next event. ;)

Read the organizers’ thoughts about Polyhedral here and here.

Some photos are from Jme.