weekend in bullet points

  • My father’s birthday was on Wednesday, the 14th, and apparently he had this big party, involving lechon and two boxes of red wine and a huge-ass cake. Yep, right in the midst of a blackout after the storm. Pity the guy who reportedly brought an electric guitar for entertainment. Oh, well. You live, you learn.
  • I was supposed to be with friends for dinner on Friday, but I’d like to see my family, so I went home to Bulacan instead with cake. I ate my father’s leftover cake and leftover lechon for dinner. Chika with the sister and the mother, then Will and Grace and this new show called Pretty Little Liars, because I want to shut down my brain and look at pretty things.
  • On Saturday I ate leftover pancit palabok for breakfast and went to our store. My father arrived late on Friday after his lawyer friend threw him a party. I want to be friends with his friend. Anyway, my father and I went to visit my paternal grandmother, who no longer remembers people. Met up with relatives who were there, who all said the same thing: Bakit ang taba mo na?
  • Ewan ko! Kebs! Masaya ako! :-p
  • My aunt has this wittol African parrot, a wittol baby that can fit in my hand, eee so cute. (Forgot to take a picture.)
  • That same aunt said, May hubog ka naman e, kahit bumigat ka. Voluptuous, orayt, I’ll take et.
  • Off to QC later that day to meet up with Jake. Happy ninth monthsary, dear! He spent most of the day programming Math equations while I screamed at the TV, urging the Maroons to stop fucking up the game. (They eventually lost to Adamson. Did you see that? They tied with AdU after the 3rd quarter and then – argh. Hope! It is an awful thing.)
  • We ordered pizza and buffalo wings for dinner. The pizza joint (which I shall not name) had a policy where if they delivered the order late (i.e. beyond 45 minutes), you’ll get everything for free.
  • They were late! And we didn’t even lay out the obstacle course! I literally jumped up and down because I thought the rider would put up a fight. But we got the dinner for free! Hooray! And on our monthsary to boot! Tipid!

This has never happened to me before, so I was ecstatic. Look how happy Jaykie was:

Tardiness has never tasted this good.

So yes, that’s a party-sized pizza, 12 pieces of wings, and Coke. The pizza people provided four cups, as though to say, “Certainly this order was meant for four people”. I was ashamed. Not. ;)

We stayed in bed eating pizza and wings while watching Modern Family. The leftovers (There were leftovers!) we saved for breakfast. The life.

  • I am lucky to have the nicest parents.
  • Love is a good thing.

12 thoughts on “weekend in bullet points”

  1. nakakagutom naman itong post mo. tinatamad pa naman ako magluto ng dinner pagkauwi kasi malamig, hehehe.

  2. My brain stopped functioning at Free. Pizza.

    (And oh. yes. Love is a good thing.)

    Happy ninth!

    (Also, parents. <3)

  3. FREE PIZZA! HAPPY NINTH! Also, people bring electric guitars to parties? WORD. Belated din sa dad mo! <3 What a fantastic weekend, no? :)

  4. That’s why it’s always handy to have an acoustic guitar hanging around the house. XD

    That time when UP won a game against Ateneo, my mom sent me a long-distance text with lots of exclamation marks. XDDD

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