state of reading address

I read a few more pages of Don DeLillo’s Falling Man (I began reading it before I dove into Clash of Kings) before completely giving up. Come on, man, I gave you a chance. The emotion is there. The book is about the aftermath of 9/11, after the towers fell, so it is impossible to write a book with no horror, no misery. But no matter how raw the sadness, DeLillo’s writing style just couldn’t hold my attention. I didn’t find the pages engaging at all. It would have been my first DeLillo book. Le sigh.

Thank goodness I bought this copy for less than 90 pesos. Anyone wants it?

Right now I’m reading William Nicholson’s The Society of Others. I don’t know if it’s any good. I hope it is. On the side I’ll be reading Volume 2 of The Swamp Thing and the Philippine Speculative Fiction V anthology. I aim to finish PSF V soon so I can review it along with PSF IV.

I am seeing the end of my TBR pile. And I thought this day would never come. Next steps would be:

1) borrow the next two books in Martin’s epic saga and anything beyond Genshiken Volume 5 (which I just finished);

2) read LOTR. I have Jaykie’s volume sitting on my bed, but! D: It is HUGE AND SCARY; and

3) book shop! :D Or borrow more, haha. To save money and space, yes.

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