drunk on peanut butter

Several friends have recommended the awesomeness of Peanut Butter Co. I’ve mentioned the restaurant to Jake once or twice, especially when we pass by a branch inside SM North Edsa. It took us this long to finally try it because 1) we’re lazy; and 2) I thought my friends were exaggerating – certainly a sandwich can’t be that good.

We had our lunch there on Friday before I went home to Bulacan. Jake said, “This sandwich will haunt me for the days to come.” I concur. I’m craving for PB Co. right now. :D

We had: (2) White Choco PB Milkshake, (1) Roast beef sandwich (cardamon PB, roast beef, gravy), (1) chili fried chicken sandwich (chili PB, fried chicken fillet, corn), (2)  Cherry 7-Up.

Ang sarap shet.

On Saturday we had PB Co. for dinner. I had (1) Elvis sandwich (crunchy PB, bacon, bananas), (1) Black Forest sandwich (dark choco PB, vanilla cream cheese, cherries), (1) Box of chips. Jaykie had (1) White Chocolate Orange sandwich (white choco PB, vanilla cream cheese, oranges), (1) Box of chips, and (1) Classic Spaghetti. Everything, even the spaghetti, has peanut butter. I’ll have to admit that having two PB Co. sandwiches for dinner is not a good idea (too heavy!) but the food is just so good.


Try it. They deliver via City Delivery. (Thanks to Kate and Rissa and Lizzy and Phil for the tip, hehe.)

Also, I wasn’t paid to write this stuff. ;)

4 thoughts on “drunk on peanut butter”

  1. I knew it; I shouldn’t have failed my instinct again. salamat sa tip! we’ll take a break from the usual sweet crepes and try these evil-looking sandwiches :))

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