sf with heart: apex magazine # 14 review

Pinoy Pop continues its survey of online speculative fiction magazines this week with a look at the latest issue of Apex Magazine. Apex Magazine started out in 2005 as the Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest, published by Apex Publications. Two years and twelve digests later, Apex Publications became a full-fledged independent publishing house with the creation of the Apex Book Company. The digest then became a digital magazine in constant search for dark speculative fiction and poetry.

Issues, released every first Monday of the month, are available online and as free PDF downloads. Readers are also encouraged to buy a digital copy, or make a donation of any amount as a show of support to the authors and editors.

Issue 14 marks managing editor and owner Jason Sizemore’s “last go around as fiction editor for a while”. Next month’s issue will be helmed by award-winning author Catherynne M. Valente.

No endings or major plot twists are given away in this review, but for the purists, spoiler warning commences here.

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