pinoydon, etc

Friday was Jaykie’s grown-up duties day – pick up his paycheck, deposit his savings, pick up his credit card, etc. But before all that we had lunch at Pinoydon at The Podium. It’s a Filipino-Japanese fusion place. I can’t remember the exact name of the dishes we ordered, but I know I had chicken and Jake had beef.

We also ordered some aligue (crab fat) maki. We originally wanted the tuna maki crunch with aligue, but it wasn’t available.

Really yummy. Pinoydon also has interesting desserts.

We had the Banana-Q Split.

Ice cream, whipped cream, pinipig, bananacue. Win!

On Saturday we ordered Pizza Hut’s Chili Beef Hotdog. I haven’t had this pizza before, but after having it for dinner (and today’s breakfast) it’s fast becoming my favorite. While stuffing our faces we watched 30 Rock (“They edited Will and Grace so much it’s now just called Karen.”), Better Off Ted, The Daily Show, and the first episode of this awesome new Morgan Freeman-narrated show, Through the Wormhole.

Episode 1 explores the question, “Is there a creator?” Included in the show are the mathematics of the universe explained via intersecting circles (or the E8 Lie Group) by a surfer bum mathematician (a possible step closer toward the Theory of Everything that Einstein failed to finish), an experiment that tries to prove that God “is in the brain” (activating the right temporal lobe makes a subject feel a presence – a young lady described it as “five faceless entities” who are “awesome” and made her feel safe), and a thought experiment involving a human brain and a laptop placed inside a container (you’ll get it once you see the episode). I liked the God-in-the-brain segment. Says the scientist, if the subject of the experiment felt this comforting presence outside of the experiment area, how do we think will she interpret the experience? Most saints and religious activists (like Martin Luther) felt a sensation of being hit by lightning or some similar burst of power, and read this experience as God, and changed history with their actions (Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic Church and founded Protestantism).

I’m pretty sure I would have understood more if I knew more about quantum mechanics and high-level math, but I found it enjoyable. And hello? It’s narrated by Morgan Freeman? Bet the guy can read my grocery list and make it sound…insightful.

Later that day we had drinks with Jaykie’s sisters and their friend Jai. That’s a good end for my week.

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