pretty little liars

I have some complaints.

– It has that Mean Girls flavor, except that it takes itself way too seriously.

– The Aria/Ezra sub-plot bores the hell out of me.

– There are way too many stupid characters in here.

– Suspension of disbelief. Aargh. It’s tiring. So sometimes I just shut my brain.

– The series should be darker, meaner. Why hold back? It’s a high school drama murder mystery. Go crazy. Go all the way.

It’s frustrating because it could have been more than another ol’ TV show with beautiful people. It has that potential of being cerebral. It can go Tim Burtonesque, what with that excellent opening song (“Got a secret/Can you keep it?/Swear this one you’ll save/Better lock it, in your pocket/Taking this one to the grave”). Ah, well. Why wish for more? I like the set design and the clothes and the music. It’s mostly entertaining. So maybe I’ll still watch it.

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