happy things

Some cheer to wash away the sadness of the previous post.

I got my new glasses! Ms Sarabia even gave me this cute case for them.

Purple frames!

Lunch date at ROC in UP Diliman.

Starbucks with HGC peeps. (Photos by Jme.)

Watch-a-ton with Jake. :) We saw two episodes of Through the Wormhole (“Is Time Travel Possible?” and “What Happened Before the Big Bang?”, which also questioned the Big Bang), Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant (smart, sensitive, sad), and The Pixar Story. Did you know that in the first draft of Toy Story, Buzz was red and small and Woody was completely obnoxious? Disney almost shut down production LOL.

Bonus: Jaykie’s (pseudo)annoyed face, after I combed his hair flat haha. <3

That’s all for now. :)

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