here be some homemade margarita

The weekend, as always, was awesome.


Mall date! We haven’t done this in a while, finding greater pleasure in staying indoors, watching one sitcom episode after another, and ordering takeout. But Despicable Me was already in the theaters, so we decided to go to the mall.

Requisite camwhorage before we headed out.

I went book shopping! Oh, it was heaven looking through the books even though I only ended up buying two: Jessica Zafra’s Twisted 8 1/2 and Joshua Ferris’s second book, The Unnamed. I wanted Pacific Rims, but there’s still no paperback available, and the Hunger Games books I decided to just borrow from friends to save money and space. I saw Tana French’s third book, Faithful Place, but gah STILL NO PAPERBACK, and Veronique Olmi’s Beside the Sea was nowhere to be found. Poe’s Children was out of stock, and so was The Monster of Florence. Hay.

Lunch at Five Cows, which I thought was just an ice cream bar. They serve real food (I had their chicken and fish combo), but I only took pictures of our desserts.

Jaykie’s order, Ferrero Crunch.

My After Eight (choco mint chip ice cream cake):

It took us several minutes to choose our desserts because there were just so many excellent choices.

Then, Despicable Me. As promised, it was full of fluffy goodness. Cute film. I want: 1) a copy of Sleepy Kittens, 2) Minions, and 3) Minions that glow in the dark. “SO FLUFFEH!”


Having seen the lovely Nigella make margarita ice cream on TV, Jake bought tequila and decided to do his own mix right at home. (Thanks Wiki!) So after seeing the sweet and dorky Eagle vs. Shark:

Those were mint candies from Candy Corner, btw. The margarita’s excellent! Wasak!

* * *

For your Moment of Zen (or, Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Audience, or, Look At These Assholes Who Answered “Corn Cob”) –

Haha! Till next week! :D

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