I’ve been doing this over at my (locked) Twitter account, so I decided to share it here as a big THANK YOU to those who gave kind words about my work and for spreading the word. :)

I’m included in this linkage post by Charles Tan as he guest-blogs on Ecstatic Days.

Dennis Ginoza links a poem of mine here.

Malon Edwards: Also, if you have time, poke around Expanded Horizons a bit. Dash is amassing a diverse collection of stories from a diverse collection of writers within those virtual pages that I truly don’t think you can find anywhere else. One of those stories, Night Out by Eliza Victoria, really stayed with me after reading it. Good stuff there. (Source.)

Neoli Marcos, on “Earthset”: One of the few short stories that made me cry.  Read this last year in an obscure bookstore somewhere in Retiro, standing the whole time, not realizing I was already crying by the time I finished it. (Source.)

As of right now, I’m waiting word on several pending pieces, and one has been accepted for publication (can’t tell where yet, I think, it’s a surprise). That accepted piece will be accompanied by artwork! Excited.

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