the third book swap night!

Four girls. Starbucks 6750. More books than usual.

Look at all the titles we brought! Huuuge pile of books.

Notice the many Elizabeth Berg titles.

I brought In the Woods for Kat, and I got –

– mostly everything, haha! After this picture was taken, Andrea added Kat’s The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint to the pile. Or was the book Andrea’s? I forget.

Don’t you just love it when other people fall in love with the books you treasure? I was so happy when Kat said she loved The Blind Assassin, and said it was the book she looked forward to reading every time she got off work and headed home.


I ate a slice of chocolate cake and all four of us talked our heads off. I remember talking about Joshua Ferris, V.C. Andrews, vampires, Mills and Boon, the lack of local titles that really blow you away, self-publishing, Modern Family, Kate’s weird dreams, incest and rape in literature, and our jobs. Ours was probably the noisiest table in the coffee shop. For the love of books!

* * *

I should make a reading list. I’m currently reading Hunger Games, so that’s on top:

Hunger Games

(which will probably be followed by Catching Fire and Mockingjay – I’ve been told the books are easy to read, meaning, I can finish them quickly)

The Unnamed

We Are All Welcome Here

The Year of Fog

The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint

Notes on Extinction

Wild Mind

The Spooky Art

on the side: Twisted 8 1/2, Storm of Swords, Scott Pilgrim, PSF V (last few stories!)

I’ll cross out items once finished. I’ll stick to this list, I swear!

* * *

I’m looking forward to 100 Bullets, a comic book series that I’ll get from Jake this weekend. My TBR pile IS ALIIIIIVE! :D

11 thoughts on “the third book swap night!”

  1. LOL Kate’s weird dreams. Last night I dreamt of my old basketball team. I hope that means I won’t get into trouble today.

    Anyway gusto kong linawin na walang incest at rape sa panaginip ko, kay V.C. Andrews yun. Hehe.

    the lack of local titles that really blow you away, self-publishing — I was thinking about this while in the shower ~getting ready for work. Wala lang nag-o-obsess na naman ako. haha.

  2. Pipila na ako sa The Unnamed ha! Tapos next time pahiram yung Wilderness Tips? Tama bang naalala kong ikaw ang meron non? Or si Drea? Or basta anything Atwood! <3

    (Tell me what you think of Berg after you read her (-: )

    1. Sunod ka kay Andrea sa THE UNNAMED hehe, nauna siya pumila. :D As for Atwood, I’ll lend you THE ROBBER BRIDE and/or WILDERNESS TIPS. :) (Kaso madalang kasi ako umuwi sa Bulacan, but I’ll try to remember kung anong libro ang dapat hakutin! Haha.)

      RE Berg, I will. :D

      1. Re: The Unnamed, yay ok! Though nalungkot na ako sa review mo? Hehe, but I will still borrow it! Robber Bride, yes please! On Berg, dapat ata yung The Art of Mending ang una mo binasa na libro niya, mas *yon* siya e, yung We are Welcome here medyo diluted version niya, but still.. tapos my bad, yung The Spooky Art hindi ko pa yan natapos basahin tapos I remembered just now, na hindi ako na-hook kasi pala. Anyway, I hope you’ll have a different experience with it. (-:

    2. Ako meron ding Wilderness Tips, pero di pa nababasa hehe. :) So very happy about our bookswap/club thing, I’ve always wanted to be a part of a nice, unpretentious (ehem ehem) bookclub haha :)

      1. Ayun, you can bring Wilderness for Kat! :) Natawa ako sa “unpretentious” LOL. Masaya din ako! Can’t wait for the next book swap! (Pero parang awa niyo na, patapusin niyo muna ako sa reading list ko haha!)

      2. LOL too on ‘unpretentious’ heeh I’m scared to talk about books around you guys kasi ang dami niyo kilalang authors na hindi ko pa nabasa ever tapos pero masaya kasi dami ko natututunan hehehe. Wilderness Tips from Drea, yay! I’ll just remind you guys before we meet again. Sige lang Eliza, of course take your time in reading the books (-:

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