Eleven months since the day, which means just one more month and it’s the anniversary! Here’s a picture of us before heading out for the Serendra date on Friday.

Another solo for meeeeeee.


Early dinner was at Chelsea Market Place & Cafe. Great ambiance. We had the Chelsea Fritto Misto Collection (appetizer) and the Three Mushroom Truffled Fettucine (one of the specials). We tried one of the boutique beers, but I can’t remember the name now a glass of Stella Artois. Ooh fancy, lol. (I wasn’t able to take a picture of the food because we were starving by then, heh.)

They also sell cakes, but I wanted to have dessert elsewhere.

Cupcakes by Sonja!

I’m a big fan of Mint Condition. Mmm.

I looked around A Different Bookstore not planning to buy anything, but I saw a cheaper copy of Joe Hill’s acclaimed 20th Century Ghosts, so I bought that. At Fully Booked, I claimed my free Signature Chocolate drink at Starbucks (they have a promo) and Jake picked up a Warhammer novel about the Space Inquisition.

I also saw a copy of Under the Dome, and wow I didn’t know the novel’s more than 900 pages. That’s a huge book. I’ll probably get it next time.

Then we sat at our usual spot, just outside the bookstore, facing Serendra, and peoplewatched and talked about whatever.

* * *

Saturday. We could have gone to the Open Gaming Meet or the Book Fair at SMX, but we were lazy and weren’t exactly in the mood to deal with crowds (lol), so we just watched Better Off Ted and Through the Wormhole and ordered takeout. Later in the day I had this huge craving for Starbucks chocolate (again!), so we went out for a short walk and ordered our drinks and shared a glazed donut and pandesal.

* * *

For your Moment of Zen, the new sign of the University of the Philippines! Ang yaman!

* * *

P.S. I got my medical exam results for the year, and I’m overweight and my cholesterol level is seven points higher than what’s acceptable. ARGH.

P. P. S. Hey, you: Thank you for making the weekends so special.

Even though most of the time all I do is eat and sleep while you play the PSP. Haha!

Still. :)

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