Dr. Tokita invents the DC Mini, a revolutionary device that allows the user to view a person’s dreams, as if it were a film. His colleague, Dr. Chiba, uses the device – illegally – to help patients outside the research facility. In dreams, Dr. Chiba assumes the form of the spunky, red-haired Paprika. Her current patient is Detective Toshimi, who is plagued with recurring dreams.

One day, Tokita and Chiba learn that the three DC Mini prototypes have been stolen, and dreams begin to bleed into each other.

This film by the late Satoshi Kon is said to have inspired Christopher Nolan’s wildly popular Inception. Kon’s film is decidedly the less lucid of the two, and strangely enough, the less filled with dread. This despite the nightmarish scenes. It’s a great ride.

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