just some random photos of food

1. So I’m sure you have heard the news that Jollibee has bought Mang Inasal for P3 billion. So maybe this explains the sudden disappearance of soy sauce in little air-filled plastic tubes (that you have to open carefully with your teeth or the tines of your fork, unless you want soy sauce all over your shirt) and actual calamansi from their rice meals.

Toyomansi! How horribly civilized! But at least they still included sili with the meal. We thought they now didn’t, at first, until we found the sili stuck in the underside of the chicken. Jaykie was so worried.

2. This is my favorite dessert combo from McDonald’s. Apple pie + plain vanilla sundae = apple pie a la mode. I invented this shit, yo. (Not very original, but let’s pretend I’m the first person in the  entire world to think this up.) We had it maybe two weeks ago, and again on Friday. The boyfriend liked it. My flabs screamed in revulsion but I ate the dessert anyway. It was heaven.

3. Despite the occassional apple pie a la mode or choco mousse or Mister Donut’s belgian choco dip (I have a sweet tooth, it is just IMPOSSIBLE to cut sweets from my life), I’m still sticking to my no-rice diet and my exercise regime (quite lousy, compared to other people’s: one-hour jog/brisk walking two to three times a week, and weights on Saturdays). I think it’s working. I think. I feel lighter now. I haven’t weighed myself yet, but I’m glad to know that I still got things under control.

4. If things go downhill again, I’ll try Mark Haub’s Twinkie Diet. It sounds awfully fun.

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