easy a, and other things

Like hell you need to know the storyline. Watch it, watch it! They reference Natasha Bedingfield, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mark Twain, and Kinsey, and even work the phrase “whore couture” into a sentence!

* * *

In the interest of being healthy, we went to Chimara to buy movie snacks. The tofu chips are actually very filling, so just buy the small pack. I recommend sour cream for seasoning. Also: the apple chips are heavenly. They blossom like sweet marshmallows in the mouth. Wash down with green tea.

* * *

VN Benedicto, who did the artwork for “Elsewhere”, has an interview up at Rocket Kapre.

How did you go about creating the artwork for “Elsewhere“? I’m glad this one was assigned to you, considering the subject matter, since you’ve done comics before.

It was kind of intimidating since I haven’t done a sequential page in a looooong time. And I have never done a fully digital comic page. I spent a lot of time just coming up with a layout. I also relied heavily on references for both the colors and pose of the hand in order to make it reasonable realistic, and kept the rendering of the page loose so as to contrast with the realism of the hand.

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