in sickness and so on

Jaykie and I only really get to see each other during the weekends, so it sucks when one of us ends up sick during those two (or three) precious days. We were thinking dengue or UTI or something fatal, but when we (with his brother-in-law and kasambahay) took him to St. Luke’s Global City last night (pretty place, but Makati’s one-way streets are maddening; can you imagine bleeding profusely and trying to figure out where the entrance to the ER is through those streets jesus christ you’ll die) and after the bloodwork and the urinalysis came clear and OK it was decreed that Jaykie has a throat infection. Antibiotics, paracetamol, water, and he should be as good as new.

I don’t think I’ve been to an ER before. Maybe as a child, but I remember nothing. It’s so silent. I was so used to the chaotic medical dramas.

* * *

There are no 24-hour fast food joints in Global City! It’s an outrage! Last night both McDo and Jollibee closed their doors with those plastic signs that say they’re open 24 hours oh the irony.

* * *

New old songs in my music player: The Veils, The Decemberists, Mariah Carey’s Christmas album (damn right!), and soundtrack of The Lion King (Broadway).

I am nothing of a builder/but here I dreamt I was an architect.

* * *

I realized over the weekend that you only consume 105 calories if you control yourself and eat just one-half of a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar. That’s just 5 calories more than your regular cereal bars.

* * *

I am sooooo excited for HBO’s Game of Thrones. The pictures are fabulous!

I got the link from GRRM’s LJ blog, where he’s either “tired” or “stressed”. He’s only “happy” or “bouncy” when he’s talking about football. LOL.

* * *

While still in the condo Jaykie said he wanted to take me out on a date. We wanted to watch the Harry Potter film, but how, I said, he was burning like a bed of coals. I’m fine, he kept saying. He wanted to take me away from all this (gestures, takes in the room with his hands), even for just a few hours.

You’re the sweetest thing. Feel better and we’ll go have fun this weekend, fo’ sho’.

* * *

Have a laugh. Read this. One-hit wonder na makata hahahahahahahahaha. (Link from Kate.)

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