the mighty reading list! (possible 2011 edition)

I’ve acquired several new books (and have fortunately and gratefully finished reading a handful), so I think it’s best to make a new list for the coming new year. (I just assumed I won’t be able to finish a new book for 2010 due to work, the holidays, parties, etc. But then I have a five-day vacation coming up, so perhaps all is not lost.)

I have began reading Saturday, Feast for Crows, 100 Bullets, Our Story Begins, The Tesseract, The Dispossessed, and the PGS Horror issue. Like a buffet right there, but I’m keen on finishing Saturday and Feast for Crows first. For the PGS issue, there’s only a story or two I haven’t read yet. Review should be up once I find the time to gather my thoughts. I also can’t wait to open my nonfiction: Kobayashi Maru (Carljoe Javier) and Showbiz Lengua (Pete Lacaba).

What’s on your reading list?


The Mighty Reading List!


Feast for Crows

The Kobayashi Maru of Love

Showbiz Lengua

PGS Horror issue

El Bimbo Variations (This will be a re-read, but there are additional variations – and there were komiks sections – I peeked – so I’m listing this here anyway.)

The Tesseract

The Dispossessed

100 Bullets

Our Story Begins

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