krazy garlik!

I love garlic, so when I saw my office mate’s Irene’s pictures of Krazy Garlik (second floor, Greenbelt 5, open till 11 p.m.) dishes, I knew at once that I had to try this restaurant.

I had the chance last night, with Jaykie. Here be some random pictures of things while we’re waiting for our orders.

Appetizers: I had the creamy garlic fondue, while he had the Sopa de Ajo.

I love it that there’s little candle under there to keep the dip warm.

Drinks: I wasn’t able to try Jaykie’s (Madhatter), but I enjoyed mine (The Shadow).

My drink contained dragonfruit, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream.

These appetizers were on the house. The radish (?) strips were refreshing. Top them with kimchi, salsa, or the sauce. (I’m not really sure if we ate this right, but what the hell.)

I loved both the fondue and the soup! The flavors in the soup worked really well. That’s the soup I’ll look for when I’m sick or depressed haha.

Main Courses: Spaghetti Parmesan for me and Seafood Fettucinne a la Diablo for him.

Both tasted good (the fettuccine had a nice sauce), but we loved the Parmesan more.


Apple tart a la mode


Crema Catalana

No hint of garlic in the apple tart, but the apples were done beautifully. The crema catalana was just awesome – down to the caramelized garlic.

The dishes were a bit expensive, but I’d love to go back. That was a fun dinner.

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