christmas, in photos

These photos are late, damn!

Research Christmas Party + Editorial Christmas Party + Photobooth session + pictures from home

Photos from Almi, Kate, and Princess.






With the Managing Editor:

The EIC buried in an avalanche of employees:

Schatzi won something! I didn’t win anything! Almi’s not pleased.

We really fell in love with the (makeshift) photobooth:

I am happy to report that my Free Press trophy reached home okay. (And yes those are cheesy portraits of my parents nyaha.)

Brought home Inquirer shirts for my family. Knife and potato not included.

I spent most of my vacation watching Top Chef and ABDC, haha.

I’m of the mind to actually buy one of these cell phones. So small and cute!

Crema de fruta!

Aaaand photos of my brother swallowing things:

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