2010, year in review

Everybody’s been doing this lately.

This year our store was destroyed by a fire, but my parents got up from the tragedy quickly and got things going again.

This year Jaykie got sick, a difficult time for the both of us, but he got better after a week and now he’s as healthy as ever.

This year I got sick, but it was nothing serious, just a moment’s annoyance.

This year I gained the pounds I lost in 2009 (I needed to get jeans that are an inch wider). I have to admit the weight gain made me miserable – very miserable at times – but I’m positive now I’ll lose them again next year.

This year I moved to another unit due to asshole caretakers, but that’s a thing of the past. (I like the new unit better.)

This year I attended my first Open Gaming Meet.

This year I attended my first Komikon and met Manix Abrera. I also attended Toycon.

This year I attended the first Polyhedral.

This year I finally got to see Avenue Q onstage!

This year I listened to presidential candidates debate/make fools of themselves -LIVE. And  I voted!

This year I got a children’s book published. (Just recently, Jaykie told me the story made his 5-year-old nephew cry.)

This year I produced seven short stories and nine poems which appeared in various publications, and nine reviews and four essays for Philippine Online Chronicles.

This year I won a literary award. (Free Press!)

This year I made collages, but unfortunately had to stop because the new unit didn’t have enough room for me to post them.

This year I got published in Philippine Speculative Fiction V, and attended the book launch. Always a fun treat.

This year I took pictures of old pictures.

This year I had a perm.

This year I learned I needed glasses.

This year I had a Valentine’s Day that’s not lonely, for once.

This year we went to Bohol with his friends – our first trip together.


This year I took him to Bulacan to meet my parents, months after I met his. Both events went really well.

This year I turned 24.

This year we celebrated our first year together.

This year was the first full year I spent in love with someone.

This year was happier because it had you in it.


To more years, and may 2011 be kind, even kinder.

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