ye olde yale house party

Also known as The (Slightly Delayed) Yale New Year Party!

Jaykie attended this last year (or was that ’09), but I wasn’t able to come, presumably due to work or family or the laundry. I can’t remember.

The common practice was to have a nametag, carrying a verb plus your name. For example: “Lick Jaykie”. They told me Yale Virgins couldn’t choose their own verb, but I would have chosen “Write-protect”. “Write-protect Eliza”.

Anyway in the end we ran out of nametags. :-p I wasn’t able to socialize too much
(the closest I got to socializing was when I said “excuse me” to people standing in the doorways or “sorry” to people I bumped into) so I ended up staying within my circle.

No matter. The house has wooden stairs and huge windows and books – it is a beautiful house. It reminded me of period pieces and horror movies, and Sunday nights in the province. Thanks to Rej and Oneal for opening its doors. (And to Paul for opening the gate while we stood outside in the rain haha. It’s like the rule of the Universe: the one day you forget your umbrella is the day it will rain. Hard.)

Some pictures:

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