weigh-in blech

I am sad, kind reader. The weighing scale, it doesn’t move, it refuses to budge. It has stayed at 149.6 pounds since Feb. 2. Ack! But I know why, kind reader. Because I haven’t been exercising as much (last week I ran on Monday, no exercise Tuesday, I ran on Wednesday, no exercise Thursday, badminton Friday, no exercise Sat-Sun) AND I still eat a lot. I’ve consumed less fruits and veggies than previous weeks. Too much fries, too much carbs!

I resolve to:

  • eat less (or at least try, damn it)
  • eat healthy (bring back fruits and veggies!)
  • aim for a three-hour badminton session on Friday
  • run faster on Saturday, and run longer
  • try to run five times per week

But damn, kind reader, lists are easy but this weight loss thing is so damn haaaard.

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