good, good, good. good.

1. Book 2 of 3 from The Book Depository has arrived!

I need to read faster.

2. Got my investment papers (ooh so serious, so grown-up) from the bank, and finally figured out that particular bank’s online banking system. Dyusko, enrolling took me ages.

3. We’ll be watching Live AIDS for the first time this week!

4. Weighed myself a while ago.

Weight Chart

That’s a loss of almost six pounds since February! I still have nearly twenty pounds to lose (ugh) but I’ll take it!

I don’t run anymore. What I do now is I go to the (small) (free) gym at the condo at least twice a week and use the stationary bike and do seated rows and lift weights. I eat rice when I feel like it, but no more than once a day. Badminton on Fridays. Saturdays, since Jaykie’s classes are over, we plan to either run or play Frisbee.

I feel better about myself. I mean, I still try to watch what I eat, but at least now I can eat pizza without freaking out.

Was finally able to drag myself out of bed and run this morning. I’ve been having leg pains since the Inquirer fun run (and I only ran the 3K race!) so I wasn’t able to jog on Monday and Tuesday.

But oh, look, leg muscles.

My flabs remain, sadly, for I am fed by 7-Eleven/Mini-Stop/McDonald’s/Chowking/KFC. I weighed myself yesterday, and yep, still haven’t lost a pound since the last time I dropped some (meager) weight. Hay hay hay.

Every time I eat something tasty vile (like fast food) I think, Well, my dear, you get what you deserve.

But that’s not true. There are people who can eat burgers every day and still remain model-thin.

Too bad I’m not one of them. Sigh.

weigh-in blech

I am sad, kind reader. The weighing scale, it doesn’t move, it refuses to budge. It has stayed at 149.6 pounds since Feb. 2. Ack! But I know why, kind reader. Because I haven’t been exercising as much (last week I ran on Monday, no exercise Tuesday, I ran on Wednesday, no exercise Thursday, badminton Friday, no exercise Sat-Sun) AND I still eat a lot. I’ve consumed less fruits and veggies than previous weeks. Too much fries, too much carbs!

I resolve to:

  • eat less (or at least try, damn it)
  • eat healthy (bring back fruits and veggies!)
  • aim for a three-hour badminton session on Friday
  • run faster on Saturday, and run longer
  • try to run five times per week

But damn, kind reader, lists are easy but this weight loss thing is so damn haaaard.


is sweet, bitches.

Weight Chart

Remember how I was stressing out last week that I haven’t lost a pound since Jan. 11? (I lost 2.2 pounds from Jan. 3 to Jan. 11.) It was that time of the month so in hindsight I think it’s possible that I was bloated, it was water weight, etc – but whatever the cause, all is right in the world again. Considering that I had two buffet meals before the weigh-in, this is very good news indeed.

Still a long way to go, though, but I’ll get there. Eventually.

‘slow and steady, slow and steady’

I found this from this blog I’ve been reading, but I’ll pretend the letter’s addressed to me as well:

Though I don’t consider my lifestyle a diet, I live the way I do because I know that “health” is a never-ending journey. There will be NO point at which I stop striving for health. So I figure, since I’m relatively young, why not learn how to eat in moderation NOW? Why not learn to love exercise and CRAVE it NOW? Why not learn to indulge in healthy ways NOW? That way, when I’m 30, 40, 50, 60, etc., all of that won’t feel anything but completely normal.

The trick is to PLAN for indulgence. PLAN for screw ups. PLAN for lazy days when you don’t feel like working out. If they’re part of the plan from the beginning, you won’t ever feel like you’ve messed up and want to throw in the towel. Because indulgence? Screw ups? Lazy days? Those will never go away. They’re part of life. The key is to figure out how to deal with them in a healthy way. Example: Too lazy to do your scheduled run? Go for a leisurely walk! Craving a piece of a coworker’s surprise birthday cake? Have a piece, but just one.

I used to be a very all or nothing type of girl. If I ate poorly, I was going to do it all day/week/month. Now, I know it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I can have the cookie. I can skip the workout. I can have one drink. I don’t consider myself a failure, I just figure that I’m handling life and preparing myself for forever. I live by the saying, “Don’t do anything on a ‘diet’ you aren’t prepared to do for the rest of your life.” Slow and steady is the way to go… you’ll be able to live this way forever! You’d never be able to work out every day and only eat 1,200 calories forever.

I hope all of that made sense. Your mantra right now should be slow and steady, slow and steady, slow and steady.

who’s late to the ticker-tape parade?

Weight Chart

Saw this via Livejournal. Cute!

But I’m a bit sad. My weight is the same as my weight in Jan. 11. So after 15 days I didn’t even lose a pound?


weight woes

I weighed myself two hours ago, and I weighed 70 kilos (154 pounds). Taking my height into consideration (5’6″, or 167.64 cms.), and keeping in mind that I am Asian (our healthy BMI is lower than that of Americans) I am overweight.

I remember weighing only 120 in 2003, first year of college. So this is of course very depressing.

Diet plus exercise. I’ll weigh myself again on the 30th. Gah. I really want to go back to 120 pounds again.