good, good, good. good.

1. Book 2 of 3 from The Book Depository has arrived!

I need to read faster.

2. Got my investment papers (ooh so serious, so grown-up) from the bank, and finally figured out that particular bank’s online banking system. Dyusko, enrolling took me ages.

3. We’ll be watching Live AIDS for the first time this week!

4. Weighed myself a while ago.

Weight Chart

That’s a loss of almost six pounds since February! I still have nearly twenty pounds to lose (ugh) but I’ll take it!

I don’t run anymore. What I do now is I go to the (small) (free) gym at the condo at least twice a week and use the stationary bike and do seated rows and lift weights. I eat rice when I feel like it, but no more than once a day. Badminton on Fridays. Saturdays, since Jaykie’s classes are over, we plan to either run or play Frisbee.

I feel better about myself. I mean, I still try to watch what I eat, but at least now I can eat pizza without freaking out.

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