feast for crows

Done and done. I cannot wait to read the fifth book (which is still being written, it turns out). I loved all the story arcs in this novel, every twist and turn. Martin is one of those few writers – fantasy or otherwise – who can still surprise me with both language and plot even after several installments.

If you haven’t checked out this series yet, well go pick up A Game of Thrones now! The HBO miniseries will start on April 17th. Here’s Sean Bean (as Eddard Stark) looking dapper and morose on the Iron Throne.

Hm. I’ll probably go read Alex Garland’s The Tesseract next.


The Mighty Reading List!

Feast for Crows

The Kobayashi Maru of Love

Showbiz Lengua

PGS Horror issue

Floating Dragon

El Bimbo Variations

The Tesseract

The Dispossessed

Our Story Begins

Glass Soup

Here on Earth

The Pull of the Moon

Little Bee

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