• My mother’s been having health problems. Fatty liver, kidney stones (one with a diameter of one centimeter), and she’s also pre-diabetic. I’m flabbergasted. My mother doesn’t even eat fast food. I said, I eat all sorts of things, and I’m fine. She said, “Bata ka pa.” (You’re still young.) I won’t be, for long. I really need to start eating right. Meanwhile, we can’t bring home any more sweets and salty things. (I brought home ice cream on Friday; my sister brought cake.) I wonder what I can bring home. A salad?
  • I’d appreciate any health-related advice from you guys. :)
  • On a happier note, Jaykie’s family are back from the States! I got tons of pasalubong. Tops, chocolate, a new wallet. Thank you. :)
  • My father found a chicken wandering around on our roof. It laid an egg but it broke. So now we have a pet chicken. Ang rural!
  • Pray for my mother. And for Jaykie, who is set to take an important exam on the 28th.
  • I have yet to see the last Harry Potter movie. My siblings say the epilogue is laughable.
  • I have a story idea. Working on it. Sayeth the Muse, “Write this down, bitch!”

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