big toys for the big boys

When J got his iPad I knew at once that I’d like my own tablet- for reading comics and books, for surfing the Net, for playing Fieldrunners HD. Noble needs. The iPad is too big for me and I have a hatred for iTunes (I don’t understand why updating your files has to be so goddamn complicated), so I got a Galaxy Tab. Smaller and simpler to use. You can plug it in as a USB device, or you can buy a card reader and a microSD and put stuff in there – no need to sync to just one computer. Cheaper, too. J found it on Amazon, for $339 (Wi-Fi only).

Also loving the free camera apps. This one’s made via ActionSnap and temporary insanity.

For more app recos, go visit Kate’s geekgasmic entry. In addition to her list, I recommend:

  • Yahoo! (The Tab comes with the Gmail app, but I also have a Yahoo account)
  • eBuddy Messenger (Again, the gadgets comes with the GTalk app, but I use eBuddy for YM)
  • For games: Robotek HD and Glow Hockey and your usual Angry Birds
  • PDI Digital (because the pages look so good on the screen, and I need my daily news)
  • Facebook
  • Aldiko and FBReader (for your ebook needs! FBReader can read mobipocket)

J also got a new laptop, refurbished and marked down to around P30K. The same model, brand-new, goes for P50K, so this is a pretty sweet deal.

Our thanks to J’s mom and sisters for letting us use their credit cards to buy things online! :)

* * *

Oh! And finally bought some nice lotion. Leyende I’ve been looking for you for forever!

Bought a dress for the awarding in September. Too short and doesn’t look at all “semi-formal”, ha. I’ll wear it with the (gray?) boots I already have. I will probably look like I’m going to a bar. (And I don’t even go to bars.) Oh dear, how to make it work. Maybe I’ll wear a damn blazer over it. Ang chaka na lang, haha!

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