the walking dead (comics)

I saw the TV series first and loved it, but having read the 87 issues (so far) of the original comic, I now fully understand why it got so big. Robert Kirkman has the (sometimes exasperating) tendency of filling panels with walls of text, but even then the series is a very compelling read. It’s definitely more violent than the TV series. I breezed through the 80+ issues because I couldn’t stop. I just had to find out what happens next.

Now I’m excited to see how the rest of the series will be translated to TV. Bet it’s going to be a pain.

The Mighty Reading List!

Feast for Crows

The Kobayashi Maru of Love

Showbiz Lengua

PGS Horror issue

Floating Dragon

El Bimbo Variations

The Tesseract

Faithful Place


Zoo City

Our Story Begins

Glass Soup

Here on Earth

The Pull of the Moon

Little Bee

Story Quarterly Issue 44

The Bell Jar

Philippine Speculative Fiction 6

Pacific Rims

The Name of the Wind

The Wise Man’s Fear

Pretty Monsters

A Dance with Dragons

Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan


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