long weekend

I have to say that in the four years I’ve been a member of the workforce, this is the first time I’ve experienced a long weekend due to the holidays. Sweet deal, except that a storm came. This always happens. I plan to see my parents on a particular weekend, and a storm makes landfall. Every. Single. Time.

I had to wade through knee-high waters to get home. But despite the storm and the flood, our pet chicken is alive and well! And she’s been giving us eggs! On Monday night my mother added them to the giniling! The eggs were yummy! I don’t know why I keep telling you about this fucking chicken but this is exciting!

Anyway. Flood. Nothing new here.

The bright side: 1) no work 2) it’s cold inside the house as opposed to hellishly hot 3) I was able to just relax and read and watch movies.

Ex Machina is created by Brian K. Vaughan (the same guy who wrote Y: The Last Man) and Tony Harris. I finished reading all of the issues early this morning (around 1 am) and I’m still thinking about it today. Ex Machina features Mitchell Hundred, a civil engineer who receives powers from an unknown device that exploded at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. The device gives him the power to talk to machines. After becoming a victim of a robbery, he decides to fight crime as The Great Machine, sort of like the goofy equivalent of the Iron Man. On 9/11 he stops one of the planes, allowing the second tower to survive the attack. Later on, he is voted Mayor of New York.

Vaughan loves devastating endings, doesn’t he? He gives you humor and hope until you start thinking that hey, maybe a happy ending is possible for these poor characters, then boom, a sudden dip until everything crashes. And I love it. I am devastated right now, but I love it.

I saw too many movies! Info overload!

Drive Angry is one of those redneck-y action films that I thought I’d hate but I end up loving. It’s a fun ride. (Pun!) Favorite character: William Fichtner as The Accountant.

Saw a lot of comedies: Hall Pass, No Strings Attached, Bad Teacher. All perfect for lazy afternoons. Go with No Strings Attached, if you just want something cute.

The Beaver. Huh. I have to say that when I saw the movie poster, I was confused

and the title made me laugh, but this is directed by Jodie Foster and I still somehow trust Jodie Foster (even if Mel Gibson is in the lead). I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve never seen depression and mental illness presented in such a simple, effective, disturbing way. BUT: wouldn’t this work better if it were less serious? More black humor than drama, with maybe Steve Carrell as the lead? Guess we’ll never know.

My brothers did not like Super 8, and I think I understand why. Super 8 as an adventure, as a coming-of-age tale, is adorable and pitch-perfect, but as a mystery monster movie, it’s 90 minutes of meh.


But I liked it. For some reason it reminded me of Eerie Indiana. (I miss that show.)

So how’s your long weekend?

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