I don’t know what bug it was that hit us, but J and I were both quite sick from Tuesday onwards so the weekend just passed us by.

I am a full bag of worries nowadays. The flood back home, my siblings’ financial needs, the total cost of flood damage, J’s coding ticket and unclaimed license, his difficulties at the job market, my own uncertainties. Money problems, life problems. It keeps you up at night.

I’ll be 25 in less than a month. J and I will turn two in about a week. I wonder if I’ll be able to celebrate, with the miserable flood, and my miserable bank account.

I need something beautiful to look forward to, is all.

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  1. 1) here’s hoping you get well soon. hirap magkasakit, and this weather just fosters all sorts of superbugs. stock up on vits, drink lots of water, kumain sa tamang oras, etc etc ok? <3
    2) still wondering why j got his license taken when it was just coding, pero i hope he gets it back soon. meantime, enjoy muna sha kaka-cab?
    3) praying for your fam back in bulacan. hope the weather pulls back some of the punches no? at least for the rest of the year.
    4) celebrate. happiness calls happiness. sabi nga, these crazy days call for some form of dancing. happy two, you two. :)

  2. Regarding a celebration – what would you like to happen? A nice dinner in a restaurant? Something else? You two deserve a celebration. How much would it cost, approximately (out of curiosity)?

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