2011, year in review

Tough year. It’s the year of floods and self-doubt, but for this personal post, I’ll focus on the bright moments.

This year I got a new camera.

This year I went to the Yale House Party.

This year we celebrated the New Year without fireworks. Hooray!

This year I joined a fun run. Just 3k, but still.

This year we watched Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, the play.

And of course, lovely Valentine’s Day.

This year I went to the launch of Kritika Kultura, which published one of my poems.

And then there’s the Palawan trip!

This year I ordered books online for the first time.

This year we went to a garage sale for Japan.

Book swap night, a constant.


Holy Week escapade!

This year I got one of my stories recorded as an audio story.

This year I gave away books.

This year I attended the always-fun PSF book launch.

Got my cervical cancer vaccine shots.

This year I got a poem nominated for the Free Press Awards.

This year I played the Game of Thrones boardgame!

This year I got a new job.

This year I got myself a Galaxy Tab!

This year I received my second Palanca Award for poetry.

This year I read a poem to an audience.

This year I quite enjoyed the office Halloween party.

This year is the year of kindness. :)

Two years!

Good food!

This year I got nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

This year I read some good books.

This year I had four poems and thirteen stories published or accepted for publication.

A good year, despite it all.

2012, please be kind.

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