February! How did that happen?

Anyway end-January we went to Vikings at Mall of Asia  for J’s sister’s birthday. Highly recommended. They have a wonderful spread.

Thanks for the treat, J and family!

On Feb.2, breakfast at Pancake House! We haven’t done this in a while.

Breakfast makes me happpyyy.

Coffee, cheese pancakes, and a Pinoy-style breakfast meal. The best.

Went clothes shopping and was horrified to find out that most slacks either 1) didn’t fit me or 2) didn’t fit me well. Who likes slacks? Tell me. I’ll stick with leggings and dresses if you don’t mind, corporate world.

PDI Research! It’s Almi’s pizza party. She asked us to wear something pink and bring a DIY crown, and me of the artistic persuasion took a crystal headband and wrapped it with a pink ribbon.

You can’t see it clearly here but Lawrence was wearing a Chief Justice Corona crown. Corona = corona = crown. And someone’s wearing a Loren Legarda calendar.

We’re ah tickled pink. Haha! Thanks for the pizza Ate Almi! :D

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