I’m sure you have that one friend who says Valentine’s Day is a fake holiday and should not be celebrated. For the Valentine’s Day haters, here’s a lovely, thoughtful post by writer Catherynne Valente. Read the whole thing.

It doesn’t work to say “make every day special.” First of all, most of you know damn well that you don’t shower your partner with gifts and adoration and that most precious of things: dedicated, mindful time every day of the year. Even the best relationship is not a 24/7 orgiastic festival of plenty and perfect moments. No human can sustain it. If every day is special, none of them are.

But I get the hatin’  on Valentine’s Day (and Christmas, particularly) – the traffic is always horrible.

In other news: I’ve started work on a new story and two new poems. I haven’t written anything new in a long while, so this makes me happy.

Week 1 at the new job done! I’m enjoying it.

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  1. I had to write an article on prepping rituals (as in beauty rituals) for Valentine’s Day a few days back. Obviously kebs ko sa Valentine’s haha.

    But that’s the angle I went with. It’s not normal to say “make every day Valentine’s” kasi naman you might see each other everyday but the effort to look good and really have a special day is difficult. Sabi ko na lang, let this be the day you pull out all the stops, as in pa-wax mo lahat ng balahibo sa katawan mo para masaya hehehehe

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