monday the 13th

We decided to have our Valentine’s Day dinner on the 13th to avoid the crowd that would probably go love-berserk on the 14th.

So! I enjoyed the night despite the fact that it started with me walking against a strong wind with rainwater inside my shoes. I never knew how annoying it was to look for a bus through several dozen people blocking the bus placards with their umbrellas.

Almon Marina at Mall of Asia.

Hey there.

We love this soup! Bacon, corn, and potato. Perfect for the weather.

I had their Chicken Sausage Crunch. A sandwich with apple slices (and inexplicable little flags).

J had the California Roast Turkey.

We loved the food! Healthy and light and relatively inexpensive.

Swensen’s after, but I was so ice cream-deprived I forgot to take a picture and just pounced on it.

When we were at Vikings, I got fixated on their fruits and cheese plate, so we bought wine, prunes, dates and our favorite cheese. Drank while watching Friday Night Lights.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

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