the great ilocos adventure: day 3

From the numerous conversations we had via email, I could only recall “waterfall” and  “swimming” for Day 3. “Hiking” was an idea my brain completely blocked.

Anyway, our first stop was Kabigan Falls. I survived the trek wearing a pair of slippers, but do wear comfortable hiking shoes for safety.

Manang Taling was our guide for the day.

Inappropriate footwear!

The water was so cold. Parang ice tubig lang. 

You wouldn’t have guessed from this photo. Sa ngalan ng photo-op!

And here we see June trying to protect the family jewels from the blistering cold.

Patapat Viaduct. Here’s another indie film starring Grace Anne P. – Ang Walang Habas na Pag-aalay ng Sarili. Nag-audition para rito si Oblation, pero hindi pumasa.

Timmangtang Rock and Bantay Abot Cave. I don’t have a lot of pictures for this.

Kings and queens of the world.

Blue Lagoon. It was freezing!

Which again you wouldn’t be able to guess from this photo.

It was so cold and so windy that at one point after lunch we had to hide behind the van so it could shield us against the wind.

Okay, that’s it! We’ve had enough water and cold for the day. Back to Manang Cathy’s, where June complained that 8:30 in the evening is too early a bedtime, and promptly fell asleep.

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