the great ilocos adventure: day 2

In our little group Day 2 was officially known as SAND DUNES DAY! But first, culture. Haha.

We packed up and left Casa Teofila, ready to be driven around by our tour guide Manong Arnel Aguila (contact number: 0926-5880666) and van driver Manong Joseph.

Breakfast at McDonald’s, then a visit to the Juan Luna Shrine. The museum used to be the Lunas’ ancestral home, until they abandoned it when Juan Luna’s father lost his job.

Not much material about Antonio, because the younger Luna was born in Binondo.

Kudos to the tour guide. I love tour guides who know their stuff intimately, and can answer questions beyond the script.

An interesting trivia about the perks of having an artist brother.

Now this is very interesting to me: a photo of Rizal smiling.

The Marcos Museum. How…curious. Ilocos is Marcos country, so in the chronology of events in the museum display, there is a sizable gap between the Martial Law proclamation and Marcos’s death. The great unsaid.

Imelda looks so different as a young woman.

Paoay Church. Loved the pathway lined with sampaguita. Imelda’s daughters were married here.

Malacañang of the North, where Cabinet meetings took place during the Marcos regime.

I don't know what to make of this, Madame.

Fort Ilocandia.


Laoag Bell Tower. A sinking tower in the middle of the city. It reportedly sinks an inch every year.

Off to the La Paz Sand Dunes. Our contact here is Benny Arce (0917-5230331).

Fun times! I almost dislocated my shoulder!

I sat down for sand boarding. Effortless!

Then I tried standing up and fell into the sand after less than ten seconds.

Approximately three seconds before failure. But I looked so sure of myself!
So very, very sure.

Now filled with sand in every pocket and orifice, we bought food in the market and went home to Cathy’s Homestay (0919-5716680). Manang Cathy can cook your food for you, but tell her ahead of time. And wash your own dishes!

There’s no heater or TV, but the room is airconditioned. Just bring something to read. Anyway, daldalan with friends is better entertainment.

Good night!

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