jogging once again, once more

I just want to tell you that I went jogging last night. Well, more like jog-brisk walking. After – what? – more than a year? almost a year? And it felt glorious, Dear Reader, despite the many annoying, bratty, spoiled kids who stood in my way and made fun of the way I run (Seriously, what the hell is up with these children still out in the dark during dinner time?) and the pain running up my thighs right now as I type this. Ow. But this will be part of my routine again, I swear. Losing weight is part of it, but I just want to feel strong again. I remember being at the sand dunes in Ilocos and losing my breath halfway up the steep incline. It made me sad.

Pre-jog photo from last year.

6 thoughts on “jogging once again, once more”

    1. Di baaaaa. Tapos dapat by that time nakahugas ka na ng kamay, and ready na for dinner by 7 pm. Tapos quiet na kasi manunuod na ng news ang matatanda. Haha! Lecheng mga bata yan. Gusto ko nga patulan yung isa, talagang dinuduro ako te! Mga walang respeto! #tanders

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