outback steak-out

An advanced monthsary date, without us knowing that it was actually an advanced monthsary date. We both forgot! We simply wanted to pig out. (And take advantage of my company’s employee discount at the restaurant.)

I’ve never eaten at Outback Steakhouse, but the discount is good motivation. Haha. Ironically, it’s not the steak that’s making me want to go back. It’s the ahi tuna.

Cheese fries, steak, hungry couple.

2 thoughts on “outback steak-out”

  1. I am shocked at how expensive food is over there now, for Philippine standards. You’ll make me have second thoughts about spending 25 quid (around Php1700) on steak at a restaurant here – we’d rather buy ribeye from the shop and cook them ourselves :) But the cost sounds reasonable if they ship the meat from abroad. I haven’t eaten at Outback over here. It sounds Australian? That is really international. Australian name, Pinoy restaurant, with meat coming from the US (I assume it’s not necessarily Aberdeen angus, but rather angus cattle breed).

    1. See? That’s why we need the company discount haha! But we chose one of the “cheaper” steaks (still over 1000 though – minsan lang naman). It is Australian. :)

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