a wedding, and other things

Mark, a friend from high school, got married one beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Entrance to Notre Dame de Vie Chapel.

Richard, subbing for June, as part of the entourage.
The bride.

Table 20 at the reception.

Best wishes, Mark and Roan!

On Sunday, we hiked over to Taguig to try the goods at Bar Dolci.

Inside Bar Dolci.

It’s not like I’ve tried everything, but I can vouch for White Chocolate Wasabi.

Photo credit: http://www.thebaghagdiaries.com/2011/01/food-blog-bar-dolci.html

They also have macarons and jelly candy.

Photo credit: http://www.thebaghagdiaries.com/2011/01/food-blog-bar-dolci.html
Photo credit: http://chinkee-onebigbite.blogspot.com/2011/06/life-is-sweet.html

Some links for your reading pleasure:

Lower Myths is now on iTunes for US$2.99

My poem, “Amaranthine”, is live on the Philippines Free Press

Hope your weekend was as delicious!

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