Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is an analyst of the CIA who is informed by an asset that an American POW has been turned by al-Qaeda. Ten months later, Carrie learns in an emergency meeting that a US Marine Sergeant named Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), declared missing in action in 2003, has been rescued in a raid. While the CIA and the rest of the country tout Brody a war hero, Carrie sets up an unauthorized surveillance system in the Marine’s home, wiretapping his phones and observing his life, believing Brody is a terrorist on American soil.

It becomes complicated, with Carrie’s assets and informants and false leads, and her mood disorder which can make you question her credibility. Throw in a good mix of domestic drama and infidelity and you end up with a confusing web of lies. Is he or isn’t he? But you realize the plot is actually simple, once you go through the episodes and filter the truth from the lie, once you find out the horrible act that set all of these events in motion.

It’s a very compelling watch.

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